Fishing Boat Rental: Finding And Catching Suspending Fish

Posted on: 17 January 2023

If you're planning a trip with your family this year, booking a fishing boat rental can help you explore a new body of water and give your family a fun activity to share. When it comes to booking a fishing boat rental trip, it can increase your odds of catching more fish if you can locate the best bite in the area.

Here are some tips for finding and catching suspending fishing on a fishing boat rental adventure: 

Graphs, Charts, and Local Knowledge

Locating fish on a new body of water can be a bit like solving a mystery, you need to look for clues to catch the culprits. In this case, you aren't catching criminal, but rather, suspending fish just waiting to be caught. 

  • Electronic Edge: the latest fishing finding sonar technology can make fishing on a fishing boat rental trip feel like your family is playing a video game. When you book a fishing boat rental, splurging for a fish finder can allow you locate suspending fish, which can allow you to drop your baits and/or lures directly to the fish. Depending on the depth you're fishing and the quality of the sonar, you might be able to watch your lure or bait fall through the water to see a fish dart toward it on the screen. This can fun for kids to watch and increase your odds of catching fish in the process.
  • Charts: doing a little research before your fishing boat rental trip can also help you isolate areas that are more likely to hold fish. Online topographical charts can indicate depth changes, under water structure, channels, creeks, and other areas that tend to attract fish. 
  • Local Knowledge: with so many resources available to anglers, it's little surprise that local knowledge can now be commonly acquired online. Doing a quick search of the area you're fishing online will likely yield hundreds of results for videos, message boards, and other local angling information about the area. 

Going Live or Artificial 

One of the most important decisions you can make when planning a fishing boat rental trip is your choice of bait or lure. 

  • Artificial: going artificial is good option when trolling for suspending fish. You might also choose lures over live bait if you're attempting to cover water quickly.
  • Live Bait: using what fish naturally eat, is almost always the best option. When using live bait on fishing boat rental trips, make sure you have a bait tank or other method for keeping your bait alive.