Features To Look For In A Good Golf Shoe

Posted on: 28 October 2021

When you're golfing, your clothing has a surprising impact on your performance. Your shoes, especially, can affect the amount of grip you get on the green, and they can also impact how good you feel after a long day spent walking and swinging. So, what features should you look for in a good golf shoe? Here are the key ones.

A Wide Sole

The first time you look at a pair of real golf shoes, you might be perplexed by the extra-wide sole. In some pairs of golf shoes, the sole is significantly wider than the upper. As strange as it might look, this is actually the style of golf shoe you want. The wider soles give you more stability in your stance, making you less likely to slip as you swing. You'll especially notice the difference on a wet green.

Molded Cleats

While you probably don't want to golf in outright spikes, you do want shoes with some sort of cleat on the bottom. Shoes with molded, plastic cleats built into the soles are the most versatile option. You can find pairs with detachable cleats, but it's a lot of work to always take the cleats in and out, and unless you're a professional golfer, you really don't need that much customization.

A Thick Midsole

Look closely at the midsole section of the shoe. This is the layer of padding between the sole and the upper. You want this section to be thick and cushy. This padding will make all the difference in comfort when you're out on the green all day, especially if you opt to walk more often than riding in the cart. You may not feel a difference when you try the shoe on and walk for five minutes, but after an entire day of golfing, you'll be glad you bought well-padded shoes.

Waterproof Upper

You never know when a sunny day is going to turn rainy. For days like this, you really want a waterproof upper. When it doesn't rain, you won't notice a difference one way or another. But when it does rain, your feet will feel dry in your shoes, which will help prevent blisters and rubbing.

Pay close attention to the above features when shopping around for a golf shoe. Any shoe with these features is sure to keep your feet comfortable so you can swing, walk, and putt all day.

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