Consider These Three Styles Of Knife Sheaths For Outdoor Activities

Posted on: 25 July 2016

When you have a knife for camping, hunting or carrying on a hike, the most important accessory that you can buy is a high-quality sheath to keep the knife attached to your body for when you need it. Leather is an ideal choice for your knife sheath, given its durability and natural look and feel. There are a number of styles of knife sheath that you can consider, based on the style of knife that you wish to carry and the activity for which you'll be using it. Here are some commonly available sheaths that are worthy of your consideration.

Belt Sheath

A leather sheath mounted on your belt is arguably the simplest way to carry a knife, and sheaths of this style are available in virtually every size so that you'll have no trouble finding one that suits the size of your knife. These sheaths are ideal for pocketknives that you want to carry discretely, as they can often sit under the bottom edge of an untucked shirt. Although you can get open-topped belt sheaths, it's ideal to get one that has a top and a dome so that you won't lose the knife if your body is at an angle — for example, if you're rock climbing.

Shoulder Holster Sheath

Similar in some ways to a shoulder holster for carrying a pistol, a leather shoulder holster sheath is ideal for wearing over your shirt when you're camping or hunting. The knife hangs upside down under your armpit and against your rib cage, typically secured by a single snap, so that you can easily grab it with one hand. You can adjust the holster to position the knife on the correct side of your body. Typically, you'll want the knife hanging on the opposite side of your dominant hand. When you need to grab the knife, you simply have to reach across your chest, flick the snap with your finger and pull the knife down out of the sheath.

Leg Sheath

If you have a longer knife that you don't want dangling from your belt, a leg sheath is your ideal choice. It typically connects to your belt but has an adjustable horizontal strap that runs across your thigh, securing the bottom of the knife to prevent it from moving when you're running or climbing. This type of sheath is ideal for Bowie knives and other tactical-style knives that have a variety of uses in the field, because it keeps the knife secure against your body.

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