3 Repairs That A Bicycle Shop Can Perform

Posted on: 10 November 2015

If you are having issues with your bike, and have no idea where to begin trying to fix it, then you will find comfort in knowing that you can take it into a bicycle shop, such as Sarasota Cyclery Inc, to be repaired. The professionals at the bicycle shop will be able to perform any repair or replacement that needs to be done, and will do their best to do it in a timely manner for you. This article will discuss 3 different types of repairs that a bicycle shop can perform for you. 

Replace Cables and Brake Pads

Over time you will weaken and wear down your brake pads to the point where they may not brake as easily as they once did. Your brakes may also even fail you if these brake pads are worn down enough, because the braking effect will never happen, due to the brake not touching the pad. If this is a problem with your bike, you can take it into the bicycle shop to you have your brake pads removed and replaced with brand new ones. Also, if you are having problems with the cables attaching to your breaks staying in place, functioning properly, etc., you can also go into the bicycle shop to have these looked at and repaired or replaced if necessary. 

Repair or Replace Tires

If you have a flat tire that is stopping you from using your bike properly, there may be a variety of reasons why it is going flat. The bicycle shop may be able to fix it by simply repairing a leak in the inner tubing in your tire, or the inner tube may be destroyed and need to be completely replaced. Also, sometimes the tire itself may be completely worn down from the many miles of cycling, or from riding on rough terrain and destroying it. Either way, the tire can be replaced with a new one that is created for the terrain that you generally ride on. 


Adjustments of almost any type can be completed at the bicycle shop. For example, if you can't seem to get your bike seat to sit at the right height and angle for you, one of the employees will be able to adjust it until it fits you perfectly. You can also have the different speeds on your bike adjusted if they don't seem to be working properly for you. Other adjustments include adjusting the handle bars, shortening the bike chain, etc.