Staying Comfortable While Looking Sharp On The Golf Course

Posted on: 6 November 2015

If you have been invited to meet at a local golf course with some of your business partners, you will most likely want to go out of your way to make a favorable impression. Those who have never golfed in the past will need to work on the fundamentals of the game in anticipation of a competitive yet fun time on the course. The apparel you select to wear while playing the game can have a direct impact on the way you perform. Here are a few tips to use when selecting your outfit in an attempt to help you feel comfortable while looking professional on the golf course.

Make A Phone Call

Before you head out to a store or to your closet to see what you have available to wear for your golf excursion, make a phone call to the golf course. Ask them if they have a dress code so you will be prepared with the proper clothing. Some golf courses will require players wear long pants even in the hottest of temperatures, so this should be determined beforehand if you had intended on opting for shorts. 

Consider The Temperature

The temperature outdoors will need to be considered when making clothing selections. If you anticipate cooler weather, layers work best as you can always remove outer pieces if you become too warm. A golf vest worn over a long-sleeved shirt is a wise choice over a windbreaker or jacket as this combination is non-restrictive to your arm movements when playing the game.

If it is going to be warmer, clothing that works with your body to keep your temperature lowered will be necessary. Many golfers will buy cotton tops with antimicrobial properties to help ward off sweating in warmer conditions. Golf shirts are often constructed with moisture-wicking material or mesh layers to keep sweat minimal as well. Look for a golf polo that also offers UV protection if you plan on being in direct sunlight.

Allow Movement

You will want to pick out golf apparel that will not restrict your range of motion as you swing your clubs. Tighter clothing will hold back your swing. Loose jackets or hanging jewelry can also get in your way as you try to get the ball to the green. Wear clothing that allows you to twist, bend down, and walk without worry of tearing the material. Test the clothing before you hit the course by doing a few jumping-jacks so to see if you have any trouble moving your arms and legs as you complete each one. 

Dress To Impress

The clothing you wear should keep you looking professional while enjoying the game. Golf shirts with a collar are the norm as they are deemed an appropriate look for both sexes while offering style without restricting your game. Denim should not be worn if you wish to make a favorable impression. Select twill or cotton slacks or shorts for a business-casual appearance. Sticking with solid colors or conservative plaid prints in neutral shades will keep yourself from distracting other players on the course.